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High Temperature MEAs

Advent Technologies is the foremost company in the development of High Temperature Membrane Electrode Assemblies (HT-MEAs) for use in high temperature proton exchange membrane (HT-PEM) fuel cells. Founded in 2005 to capitalize on a new class of HT membranes, Advent is dedicated to the development and production of innovative materials that support our customer’s commercialization of applications derived from these advanced materials.

HT-PEM Technology enables simple and cost-effective fuel cell systems that can operate on fuel sources available today, such as natural gas, propane, and methanol. When compared to low temperature PEM fuel cells, subsystems for membrane humidification and carbon monoxide clean up from reformate can be eliminated.

Advent’s original high temperature membrane is based on pyridine type structures incorporated around a stable polymer backbone. MEAs with this polymer are called Advent TPS® MEAs and are known to operate 120 °C to 200 °C – the highest for this class of MEA. Advent also fabricates a polybenzimidazole (PBI) based MEA under a license from BASF. Advent’s PBI MEA uses the same materials and assembly processes as developed by BASF for the P1100W HT-MEA and are known for having the highest phosphoric acid content of any of the high temperature membranes. Both materials use phosphoric acid as the electrolyte, do not need water for conductivity, and are based on polymers with excellent thermal and oxidative stability.

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Advent TPS® MEAs

  • Operational window:120°C to 200°C
  • Next generation materials >200°C
  • Proton conductivity ( 8 x 10-2 S/cm)
  • Good acid management
  • Rugged membrane under differential pressure


Advent PBI MEA (formerly BASF P1100W)

  • Operational window: 120°C to 180°C
  • Highest acid content
  • Proton conductivity ( 10 x 10-2 S/cm)
  • Based on BASF’s materials and manufacturing processes
  • Proven lifetime 20,000 hours

Products Available:

  • High temperature membrane electrode assemblies (HT-MEAs) in standard and custom configurations
  • Un-doped TPS polymer membrane
  • TPS Polymer powder


PDF Downloads

  • Advent HT MEA brochure 
  • Advent fuel cell product listing

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Our technical team is continuously developing new types of high temperature membranes resulting in materials that can operate at even higher temperatures such as 230°C. See our product listing PDF for developmental products based on these membranes.

TPS® is a registered trademark of Advent Technologies, Inc.