Selected Customers


The company was founded in 2002 to commercialize an advanced Reformed Methanol Micro Fuel Cell (RMFC) technology invented at the U. S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). This technology enables a breakthrough in micro fuel cell performance. UltraCell is the first to commercialize RMFC technology to provide clean renewable energy to power portable electronics. UltraCell’s micro fuel cell system is leading the industry with its ultra-compact size and light weight and is the only system in its class to have undergone extensive Military Specification qualification testing and field trials.


FuelCell Energy

FuelCell Energy, Inc. in Danbury, Connecticut, is evaluating Advent Technologies advanced membranes and MEA technology for synergistic applications with its DFC ® and SOFC fuel cells and for potential use for hydrogen production and gas cleanup technologies.



Siqens is evaluating Advent HT PEM MEAs for applications in PEM fuel cells supplied by methanol and especially for their use in Siqens Ecoport product. Siqens Ecoport power generator provides clean, silent and reliable energy anytime and anywhere; whether as a standalone solution or in combination with photovoltaic and/or wind as a complete regenerative energy package. The unique feature combination makes the Ecoport fuel cell the perfect next generation power generator.


Prototech has more than 20 years of experience in the development and testing of a wide range of energy systems utilizing various fuels. Researchers in different technical fields combine their expertise to create fuel cell and electrolyser systems for the future.

The core areas of expertise are:

Fuel Cells (SOFC, PEM)
Energy conversion
Energy optimisation
Space research
In specific for their space research activities, Advent is providing HT PEM MEAs to Prototech. Prototech and Advent had also collaborated for 3 years (2013-2016) within an FCH-JU project with title “Understanding the Degradation Mechanisms of a High Temperature PEMFC Stack and Optimization of the Individual Components”



Compañia Espanola de Sistemas Aeronauticos (CESA) has more than 25 years experience and is the European leader in the fluid mechanics equipment sector. CESA experience was further enhanced by that which they inherited from the company Construcciones Aeronauticas, S.A. (CASA), which is currently a member of the Airbus Defense and Space S.A. CESA has strong interest on the exploitation of PEM fuel cells for aeronautical applications. Advent is providing HTPEM MEAs -the core component of the PEM fuel cell stacks- to CESA who are evaluating Advent MEAs for their specific application.



United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) is the innovation hub of United Technologies Corp. (UTC) and is headquarted in East Hartford, Connecticut. UTRC awarded $2.7 million from DOE to lead ARPA-E IONICS program entitled “Synergistic Membranes And Reactants for a Transformative Flow Battery System” (acronym: SMART-FBS)”. The project is targeting the next generation redox flow batteries (RFB) to be produced at a substantially lower capital cost thus making flow batteries more commercially viable. UTRC is the program leader and Advent is one of the partners. Advent role is focusing on one of the core components of this technology. In specific, Advent will redesign the TPS membranes in order to provide a low cost, durable, selective and highly conductive solution to RFBs.


Sustainable Innovations

Sustainable Innovations, Inc develops technologies based on a common electrochemical platform that promote the use of renewable resources and lead to a sustainable energy infrastructure. Their H2RENEWTM, HALO-GENTM, and CO2RENEWTM products generate and compress hydrogen, efficiently store energy from renewable resources, and sequester carbon dioxide.