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The first part of the 21st century brings us at a crossroads of unstoppable global growth and environmental challenges. We know that in the next 20 years we will have to move to a new energy production and consumption model that minimizes carbon emissions, pollutants, coal and oil consumption. This is not going to happen overnight. We will need decades of research in new materials and how to use them, major investments in manufacturing and engineering capabilities. The new clean energy options must be available at an affordable cost level that makes business-sense. Millions of jobs and markets of trillions of dollars will be affected.

We are not there, but we are half-way there, and now is the time to accelerate. We must be bold, and we need to collaborate and bring varying expertise together to make it happen.

Advent is one of these companies that has spent the last fifteen years developing the core materials, components and processes that will revolutionalize the energy sector.

We have patented, developed, and manufactured materials and components that will impact the major energy challenges:

  • Portable Power: HT-PEM fuel cell systems running on Advent products are used today to power drones, security, and defense-related missions, as well as other needs for consumer portable power generation. Advent’s high temperature MEA technology allows these systems to work without the limitation of pure hydrogen.
  • Stationary Power: our HT-PEM fuel cell stacks and systems can be used to bring clean and very efficient heat and power at home or other small size locations, using natural gas instead of pure hydrogen. Larger systems can be used for telco power backup solutions.
  • Hydrogen Production: our HT-PEM based hydrogen generators can bring very cheap hydrogen production to every fueling station and even the garage.
  • Renewable Power Storage: Our patented membranes and electrodes are at the heart of low-cost large storage energy solutions. Redox flow batteries can be used to store and balance wind and solar production with consumer demand.
  • Transportation: Advent is working on delivering technology for the fuel cell – hybrid car, an electric car that charges in minutes instead of hours, without fast battery degradation.
  • Organic Photovoltaics: Our organic electronic materials are enabling the flexible photovoltaics of the future. They can be produced (this out) with paper or plastic as carrier in roll to roll manufacturing processes and fit in a variety of indoor or outdoor needs that are not feasible with current PV technology.

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Advent Locations

Advent Technologies Inc. was founded in Connecticut, USA, in 2013 by a group of specialists with decades of experience in the fields of chemistry and manufacturing. It acquired Advanced Energy Systems SA, a company founded in Patras, Greece, earlier.