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About Us
  • Advent produces the core materials and components that make fuel cells the most exciting technology to watch in the clean energy sector.
  • Fuel cells have been around for years with moderate success. After 15 years of research, we have figured out how to make them cheap and efficient.
  • Smart materials have driven the change in every energy field, and Advent owns the core IP in fuel cells with global patents.


What we do now
  • Drastically improve wind and solar energy storage (redox flow batteries). This is the #1 problem to solve to match production with demand for these sectors.
  • Specialty fuel cell applications: Military battery rechargers, aerospace, telecom, remote power, hydrogen generation.


In the works
  • Home Energy: super efficient (>90%) clean electricity and heat from natural gas. Over 100,000 of these systems sold. But they are expensive due to platinum. We have managed to make them platinum free.
  • Car/Transportation: charge your car in 5 minutes with H2 from natural gas, go 300 miles. It takes hours for an electric car. Unlike an electric car fuel cells are truly clean technology.


Advent has solved the key problems in fuel cells


Field Problem Advent Solution Impact
Fuel Cells Specialty applications
  • Fuel cells now require pure hydrogen (expensive)
  • Our high temp. membrane works with H2 from natural gas
  • Electrochemical Hydrogen Separation (EHS)
  • Advent MEA operates with 2% contamination. Typical is 10 ppm!
  • Advent EHS operating costs $0.65/kg H2 vs competing $3.40/ kg H2
  • Fuel cells require platinum catalysts
  • Core-Shell Catalysts with low platinum
  • Non-precious metal catalysts
  • Typical MEA Pt cost drops 5X – from dollars to dimes per MEA
  • Assembly complexity/cost
  • High throughput manufacturing
  • Catalyst deposition rates go from < 1 linear m/min to > 6 linear m/min
  • Eliminate difficult process step
Redox Flow Batteries Cost of selective membrane
  • Fluorine free membranes
  • Project < $200/sq m vs $500 for competition

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