Products – Fuel Cell Stacks

Advent Power Stacks

Advent introduces two new HT PEM stack designs for intermediate temperature fuel cells (ITFC).

Our Ianus series represents years of development and is available in one and three kilowatt configurations. The Ianus stack is liquid-cooled and introduces a key innovation of direct generation of steam. When the steam is used for reforming, one obtains excellent thermal integration and efficiency. The steam can also be used for heating or cooling. The Ianus stack can be used as the core power supplier for combined heat and power systems.

The Argo series is an air-cooled stack that can be configured in a power range from 100W to 500W. These products are designed for applications such as battery range extenders and remote power for surveillance.


Product Cooling  Power Range Features Typical Applications
Argo Series 1 AFC Air 100-500W Air cooled, operates with low grade hydrogen Portable power, battery range extenders
Ianus Series 1 IFC-1 & IFC-3 Liquid 1,000-3,000 Advanced liquid cooling technology, operates with low grade hydrogen Power unit for micro-CHP

Hybrid battery-FC cars with liquid fuels

Long run or primary power for grid back up or substitution