Markets – Hydrogen Production

Put hydrogen production in each gas station and even at your garage. Drop cost of hydrogen production to $0.65 from $3.00+ per kg


Significantly reduce the enormous cost of an alternative hydrogen distribution and fueling network

Most of the world’s major automotive companies have programs underway for the production of FCVs (fuel-cell based vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel). Companies like Toyota, Hyundai, and Mercedes are some of the names that have cars in the market already and many others have created consortiums or have increased their recent and development efforts.  But a future where hydrogen cars become more and more mainstream is not possible unless we find a way to deliver or produce hydrogen at the tens of thousands of fueling stations.

Hydrogen Production on Site (at the gas station or even at home):

The major problem with the massive commercialization of FCVs is that they’d require the distribution of hydrogen to thousands of locations. In the USA alone, the infrastructure cost estimated to do that has been estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars. This has created a chicken and egg problem, and FCVs have not been able to overcome it. Critics of FCVs site this as the biggest drawback of the technology.

What is the solution?

Advent’s HT-PEM technology (our hydrogen generation high temperature MEAs) can be used to process natural gas at the point of charging (the gas station, or even at home) to produce hydrogen at costs significantly lower to current industry practices.

Advent’s solution can revolutionize the industry of hydrogen production, making a hydrogen economy an achievable reality in the short term.


Hydrogen production is also essential for enabling forklifts and is widely used in the chemical and the food industry. Advent’s solution is best suited for low-cost distributed production needs.