PIRAEUS TANEO is a Venture Capital Mutual Fund (A.K.E.S.) that was formed subject to the provisions of Law 2992/2002, in December 2008. The committed capital is €30 million that can be increased up to €40 million. The investors of the Fund are the New Economy Development Fund (TANEO) and Piraeus Bank, with a 49.99% and 50.01% participation respectively. The Fund’s Manager is Piraeus Capital Management S.A., a subsidiary of Piraeus Bank. The Fund will invest in Greek small and medium sized enterprises with good growth prospects, arising from the application of innovative methods and technologies.


SUNLIGHT Industrial Complex, a division of GERMANOS S.A., operates in the field of Production and Distribution of Integrated Energy Systems and Special requirements Battery Cells since 1991. The plant is located in Xanthi (North Greece) and it is one of the highly specialized industrial battery manufacturing plants in Europe. It covers an area of 35,000 m² in a field of total area 142.000 m². The Industrial Complex includes manufacturing and R&D facilities and employs more than 350 specialized engineers, technicians and workers. The unit specializes in the development and manufacturing of batteries and power supply systems providing standard as well as customized solutions for a wide range of applications to meet the diverse needs and performance requirements.


The company was initially incorporated in 2005 under the name VCI as an Innovation Incubator. With a management buyout in 2012, Motivian absorbed all commercial-focused businesses and concentrated in providing Integrated Software Solutions in the SE European region, as well as in the Middle East. Since then, the company functions as a trusted software integrator serving customers in the financial services, telecom operator markets, retail and FMCG, and in the government sector.