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CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA and PATRAS, GREECE – Advent Technologies participated in the CARISMA 2019 Conference, in Duisburg, Germany from August 27th…

Today at Advent we introduce the term Li.F.E.TM technology for Liquid Fuel Electrochemical engines. Advent’s Li.F.E.TM  technology enables companies in…

  CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA – Advent Technologies, a leading innovator in electrochemistry materials and components, will join thousands of innovators…

Electric cars are here to stay, and their numbers are growing 60% per year. More than 1 million EVs were sold in 2017, and moderate predictions call for 10 million in 2025, and more than 30 million in 2030. Others are more optimistic and have upgraded these forecasts significantly. Unfortunately, a growing EV market share will not affect significantly global warming any time soon.